David Cameron
his big society
and the needed volunteers.

I really can't help but feel that this is just another tax increase.

Large numbers of people are going to be guilt-tripped into doing jobs the government would otherwise have to pay people to do.

Politicians don't do anything for nothing so why should the general population?

(If a politician does do something for nothing they make sure the photographers and television cameras are there to see them do their something for nothing and then publicise it. So they aren't really doing something for nothing, are they? Instead of getting paid in cash they're getting paid in positive publicity, a commodity which is much more valuable to a politician than boring cash.)

For half an hour's help in a charity shop, what do you think a politician would prefer?

1: A thousand pounds in cash?
2: Fifteen seconds on national television?
3: Thirty seconds on national radio?
4: A double page spread in their local paper with picture?

---April 13, 2011---

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