Apocalypse 2012
Why I'm not betting on it.

              I support the concept of a December 2012 apocalypse because all I have to do is just have to look around me to see our great society crumbling rapidly away.
              But modern technology means that it could all end in a moment.
              You might, for example get up on a Wednesday morning, get the train into work as normal and, by lunch time, find that on a global scale, the world you knew and loved when you got up had completely disappeared.
              There are many possible scenarios for the coming apocalypse, ranging from the sudden and immediate to the slow, painful and long drawn out.
              Which will occur I do not know, but personally Iím fairly convinced that we are looking at an ending.
              However, because Iím not afraid to state my position, a lot of friends who disagree with me are keen to make a bet on the issue.
              I should, they say, put my money where my mouth is.
              But what can I do?
              If made the wager and won, I would not be able to collect my winnings.
              But if time proves me wrong and I lost, I would have to hand over my losings and then watch in misery as those who won the bet went out and whooped it up on MY money.
              Either way Iíd lose and in consequence, a 2012 apocalypse is something Iím not going to bet on.

---April 11, 2011---

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