Jeffrey Eugenides.

              Iím sure this is going to enter the history books as the first great classic of the twenty first century.
              The Sunday Times described it as a sumptuously enjoyable book and I would find it hard to disagree with that statement.
              Normally Iím a bit too impatient for this kind of book and prefer a blood and thunder kind of novel, but there is something very special about this book and so wouldnít hesitate to recommend it to anyone.
              (Letís face it. For what are probably genetic reasons, I really enjoyed the ĎFrom Dusk Till Dawní trilogy which was really nothing more than an orgy of mindless blood and violence. I even thought Quentin Tarantino was excellent as the psychopath in the first movie, so Iím not really the kind of person who would go for a novel like Middlesex. But Middlesex is a special, beautifully written and very different kind of novel.)

---April 10, 2011---

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