Burswood Casino. (West Australia)

Going to Burswood might be fun,
But then again the violence you might stun,
But if like me you have a funny streak,
Which likes at life to peek,
Violence at Burswood,
To knowledge might be good.

There I was in Burswood's smokers' cell,
A place where visitors all feel unwell,
Where a cigarette, me and coffee,
Made all together three,
And as I sipped my drink and drew my smoke,
I did this day not choke.

But close by three lads were quite intense,
And to fighting made reference.
But this talk of violence,
To many gave offence,
And so while some for no presence had a preference,
Of calm the rest made a pretence.

For these lads were rough and tough,
Not the kind to give a stuff,
And as their fists they bunched,
And imagined foes then punched,
They showed anyone who dared them flout,
Should best all day watch out.

But though we for a time did this behold,
It seemed security weren't bold.
As maybe broken glass upon the ground,
Did them confound,
And so we all had to wait,
For a more peaceful state.

But fight being their discussion,
Mixed with anger and passion,
The cameras surely knew,
As all was in plain view,
But of security there was no sign,
As fear perhaps was their baseline.

But at last a group of four or five,
Did arrive,
And gentle words had the effect,
Which seemed to rough deflect,
And one lad even did apologise,
For too much verbal exercise.

But though his hands were in the air,
So he would no one scare,
In a sudden flash,
In the face his mate him did bash,
And then when he fell back,
He his head upon the bricks did crack.

The sound of cranial bone,
Striking stone,
Said Pain was on a binge,
And me as well made cringe,
But Pain the brain did flout,
By simply blacking out.

I heard the thump,
Or was it a crump?
My stomach churned,
And turned,
For on the ground he was so still,
I thought him more than ill.

Then while he on the ground did sleep,
The third mate began to weep,
While strong arms the hitter dragged away,
So he could with boots not play.
Then others with minds practical,
Gave attention medical.

But with that bang upon the head,
I feared he might the lad be dead,
But though he for five minutes slept,
While the broken glass a cleaner swept,
He at last began to wake,
Though him sense did still forsake.

Ah well, all's well that ends well,
So to the scene I said farewell,
And to myself did say,
"T'was an interesting day.
For casinos they are such,
You bad luck in many ways can touch."


(This Incident occurred on the afternoon of June 19th, 2004.)

---February 13, 2011---

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