Jesus of Nazereth
And the power of positive thought.

              One a sunny afternoon by the shores of a lake the apostles would have been amazed when Jesus told them to feed the five thousand. They would have first looked at the basket containing the five fish and five loaves and then at the crowd of five thousand and are then likely to have burst out laughing.
              'You've got to be joking!' At least one of them probably said and then, pointing at the basket with the food, begun laughing so much that he was unable to maintain his balance and collapsed in a heap on the ground. The others may also have burst out laughing and joined their friend on the ground kicking their heels in their air and holding onto their stomachs for dear life. After all, when a laughing person finds a situation so extremely funny that they lose control of their laughter, they can sometimes feel as if they are on the verge of dying.
              But Jesus would have said something like. 'Look! Just feed them will you.'
              At this the apostles would probably have raised their eyes heavenward and, having recovered from their fit of laughter, kept their silence and begun handing out the food.
              But what people tend to forget two thousand years after the event is that in this crowd of five thousand, although some would have been so intoxicated with the words they were listening to and come to the lakeside with nothing, others would have been more practical and far-sighted and so as the disciples began handing out the food, these more practical types would have taken their bags off their shoulders and added the food they'd brought to the pile. But with a crowd of five thousand, what these people added is unlikely to have been nearly enough to feed everyone and it might have been at this point that someone would have mentioned that he or she had a cousin living nearby who owned a farm and as, even on foot, they could be there and back quite quickly, they'd go and ask for some food.
              This, of course would have put ideas into the heads of others in the crowd. Being mesmerised by the words they had been listening to many had completely forgotten to bring any food but they did have some shekels or dinarius in their pocket and as there were farms nearby, they could easily go and buy some food to add to that which was being distributed by the apostles. Consequently, as the word spread, members of the crowd with some coins in their possession began spreading out to all points of the compass in search of farms and homesteads where they could buy food to add to that which was being handed out.
              Relative to the time, all this wouldn't have taken too long and so before even half the people had been fed others were returning from the countryside with what they had managed to buy or scrounge and added it to the food the apostles were handing out and so, as The Bible tells us, after everyone had their fill, twelve baskets of leftovers were collected.
              Now, to the apostles who had looked at that basket with five fish and five loaves and laughed at the idea of feeding a whole crowd of five thousand, to later see that after everyone had their fill, twelve baskets of leftovers had been collected, they could not deny that what they had witnessed, was, without doubt, a miracle.
              When linking this miracle to the power of positive thought it's easy to see that what Jesus started was a chain reaction 'par excellence' and the apostles, not being scientifically inclined, thought only of the start and the finish and felt obliged to describe the whole as a miracle.
              Also, when thinking about positive thought and what it can achieve, look at Churchill and Hitler. When Churchill came to power the very idea that little Britain would be able to defeat the might of Nazi Germany was ludicrous. But by maintaining a positive outlook, much helped by good brandy and Cuban cigars, the power of the positive eventually prevailed.
              Finally, although I'm not saying all the miracles of Jesus can be attributed to the power of positive thought, I certainly think this one can.

---January 23, 2011---

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