War in a time of Peace

David Halberstam.

I must admit that throughout the nineties I never understood the Yougoslavian conflict which ended with the bombing of Kosovo and Belgrade.

Even in the noughties I read newspapers (sometimes), watched the television documentaries and also read a number of books on the subject to try and get a clear idea of what exactly what happened. But almost all of this effort lead nowhere.

However, after reading this exceptionally well written book I'm happy. At last I have a reasonably good idea of how the conflict developed, its progression and final ending.

If you want to understand the Yougoslavian conflict this is one book you can't afford to miss. You may, like me, not be interested in all the minutiae concerning American politics and the personal lives of the politicians and military people who played the important roles, but this book is so well written that ploughing through it all isn't really that difficult - and best of all - you'll end up with a fairly clear idea of the president Clinton actually was. (Depending on the situation he could vary from the brilliant to the worse than useless.)

---December 8, 2010---

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