Thoughts On The Economy.

Thoughts on the economy.
What I think,
Is that to the future there’s a stink,
Hyper inflation,
Not just for our nation,
Not locally.

Quantitative easing,
To world governments was pleasing,
But now that we in paper drown,
The economy does frown,
As those bits of paper which we swop,
May no longer be the top.

For a person super-rich,
May have for security an itch,
These bits of paper which abound,
His insecurities may hound,
And even if it makes some cry,
He tangibles will buy.

At first he’ll try,
To these cheaply buy,
But as he does for the future pray,
He premiums will start to pay,
Seeking that which is secure,
So he can of his wealth be sure.

Government bonds he will ignore,
As they security will bore,
He will with chance refuse to dance,
And financial products view askance,
Because he will want in his stock,
Things solid as a rock.

Then when others see the fear,
In his acts quite near,
They will start to feel afraid,
And look at all for which they’ve paid,
Then as they hold their wealth quite dear,
They towards tangibles will steer.

Then after this I suspect,
It will panic all infect.
All their cash will dump,
Saying cash is for the chump,
And caring not for prices blown,
They tangibles will seek to own.

Then with all this cash upon the floor,
Which no one wants to store,
You will hear the people sing,
‘Tangibles are king.’
But to money no one does desire,
Governments just can’t set fire.

So it in circulation will remain,
To everyone a pain,
For a loaf of bread what should they pay?
What did the paper say just yesterday?
It’s only paper after all,
And to its tangible should fall.

Paper, paper everywhere,
And though once at it the world did stare,
Its value every day will fall,
And against a future build a wall,
For it won’t help you eat or sleep,
Nor buy your weary limbs a seat.

So though paper once upon a time the crown,
In the end will let all down,
For being built on trust,
It has a must,
But no saints in government,
Will Fiat’s end ferment.

---July 30, 2010---

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