How to save lives

I refer you to page 81 of Levitt & Dubner’s excellent book, Super Freakonomics. Here the authors point out that studies around the world have shown that when doctor’s go on strike, the death rate falls significantly. So, should we sack all the doctors? Or at least cut their pay?

This is a most interesting book, especially if you’d like to know more about the economics of being a prostitute and how the pricing structure of paying for sex has changed over the last hundred years.

The last chapter is probably the most interesting because it tells of an American experiment in which capuchin monkeys were taught to use money and the researchers then observed one monkey trying to steal money and another giving a female money in return for sex. (After the sex the female immediately used the money to buy herself a luxury.)

A most enjoyable book.

---July 21, 2010---

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