Thus Spake Zarathustra.

What would I find,
In the dark recesses of your mind?
You’re just a teen,
So through the window of your eyes,
What can there be seen?

No flowers alas, or blue skies,
Just self-doubt,
Which does reason flout,
For life before you lies,
And over it you agonise,
But still through all these doubts you’ve tried,
And to them hide have sometimes lied,

But fear not, the days will come and go,
Sometimes quick and sometimes slow,
Time will forward grind,
And your dreams not mind,
It will you slowly change,
So priorities you’ll rearrange,
And you can be sure,
That as you over years mature,
You’ll leave your dreams behind,
And you like time won’t mind.

---June 15, 2010---

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