Nuclear Terrorism.

Nuclear Terrorism,
Is a prism,
On what we might expect,
And why we must fear respect,

We should at the thought not sniff,
As a nuclear bomb is not an if,
But a when,
And the blast will deafen,
All who in this world reside,
And them as well divide.

Itís believed tíwill be New York,
Where terrorists their power uncork,
For the Federal Reserve,
Which in gold does wealth preserve,
And exchanges also supervise,
The blast will vaporise,
And like Goldfinger, the film and the song,
That wealth to no one will belong,
While those who real gold possess,
Will for sure not suffer stress,
So does Binladen now buy gold,
So he can in time the world remould?

This book by Graham Allison,
Is perhaps on life a lesson,
Which we all need,
To heed.

I it from the library did borrow,
But it was not to fun a death blow,
For though Fate is Fate,
One must truth not abrogate,
And one in Fateís way must trust,
Or they will inside go bust.

---May 27, 2010---

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