Why Fergie

When Fergie
The Duchess of York
Drops a clanger,
She always drops,
An incredibly
Big one.
How can you
Not love someone
Who does

She’s the queen of:
The Right Royal Clanger.


Anyway, I believe it was entrapment.

The News of the World knew that Fergie was broke and in desperate need of money. So it sent its persuasive fake sheik along to offer her enormous amounts of it in return for one simple favour

Having read Mahmood’s book, The Fake Sheik I must say I am not impressed. In fact, if you’re interested, here is an entry from my diary showing what I thought of his book at the time.

Wednesday 29,4,2009
>....CONFESSIONS OF A FAKE SHEIK, Mazher Mahmood. Harper Collins, UK-2008. {For the first third of the book I was very impressed and even considered changing my opinion about the News of the Screws. But then it degenerated into tabloid trash in which the author boasted of all the tittle-tattle he'd picked up in his stings. The press in this country is really out-of-line. There's no way this person could justify a sting on Mick Jagger who has never claimed to be anything he isn't and as for stings on Royals, it was clearly only to get printable gossip. Royals are allowed to express private opinions to sheiks, they're just not allowed to air them officially. This latter part of this book proves the News of the World and its journalists, in human terms, are the lowest of the low.}

---May 24, 2010---

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