The future of
our society
is written
in history

History has shown that no matter how advanced or sophisticated a society may become, it always ends up falling to the barbarian hoards.

The trouble is that although humans have their ideals, nature has its rules. But the more organised a society becomes the more it tries to challenge the power of nature and although that society may enjoy success for a while, nature eventually reasserts itself with a vengeance.

Itís the humble peasant with his plot of land and motley collection of primitive tools who doesnít challenge natureís rules and so in time he and his descendants are rewarded with riches once owned by those who thought they were clever enough to control nature. Donít forget, the Romans used to pride themselves on being so sophisticated they were even able to make water run uphill. But they didnít last, did they?

As the Bible says, he who humbles himself shall be exalted while he who exalts himself shall be humbled. This can work in a collective as well as an individualistic sense.

Also, speaking collectively, He that is last shall be first while he that is first shall be last.

Life to a barbarian is cheap. He doesn't put a lot of value on his own life and so understandably, he doesn't put much value on anyone else's either.

So, do you hear the cry: "The Barbarians are coming. The Barbarians are coming!"?


Have you seen Sean Connery in the film Zardos?


When some in Somalia see pictures of the tents outside Parliament they're likely to be desperate to climb under a lorry headed for Britain and hang on for dear life. It's dangerous, it's true. But they're young, male and full of testoserone. They're also gamblers and know that if they make it, there'll be rich pickings. What have they got to lose? Having grown up in the real world where Poverty, Illness and Death are constant companions, they're heading to a land where most people spend their time in lands of make believe where everyone is attractive, has nice thoughts and in the end, invariably get what they desire.

There are plenty of other entries on the web regarding this issue but although I found some of them to be perceptive and intelligent, I doubt if these views will ever reach the mainstream. Firstly because nobody who is anybody wants to listen and secondly, although many are aware of what's coming, they aren't actually able to put a date on it. The best any of us can say is: Soon.

It's destiny.

What will we do when the time arrives?

What can we do but sing the famous song:

Always look on the bright side of life,
Bu-bum, bu-bum,
Bu-bum, bu-bum, bu-bum!

---May 17, 2010---

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