Italyís Other Mafia by Roberto Saviano.

There are pages of critical acclaim in the beginning of this book and it is so good, it deserves every one of them.

Reading this book will show you that there isnít just one Mafia in Italy, there are many of them and this book the author covers just a few of the families around Naples.

Gang wars in Italy make the gangs like the Krays of London and the various gangs in Manchester and Liverpool look like groups of small children. Personally, such is the murderous intent of Italian gangsters when they fight it out in Italy, they donít seem to care much if the odd innocent bystander gets gunned down along with the target. So doubt if Iíll be visiting the country any time soon.

Another of the Mafia businesses in Italy is the disposal of toxic waste. They get the contract by offering the lowest price and then just dump it on farmland or mix it with the cement used for building, so also doubt if Iíll be buying any food from Italy either.

Itís a poetic read and one of the most enjoyable aspects of this book is learning to get your tongue around the various Italian names. For example, take the authorís name. Saviano. Say Sav-eee-aa-no quickly and youíll get the idea.

A worthwhile read.

---March 13, 2010---

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