Truth And Fiction in the Da Vinci Code.

Understanding Christianity.

If you would like to understand more about Christianity and the
Bible we all depend on - I think that ‘Truth And Fiction In The Da Vinci Code’
by Bart D. Ehrman is essential reading.

I will admit that the book itself might, at times, be a bit stuffy
and intellectual and therefore not easy to read.
However, the audio book, which I borrowed from a library,
will make the learning curve, which is steep, much easier and more enjoyable.

This is a book I strongly recommend.


Truth And Fiction In The Da Vinci Code,
I think deserves an ode,
As in fiction Bart D. Ehrman,
Saw historical bedlam,
So this book did write,
To set the record right,
And as many here the truth can learn,
He status points did earn.

---February 14, 2010---

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