Braver Men Walk Away.

About 'Braver Men Walk Away',
What can a person say?
About the I.R.A. and other terrorists,
This problem still exists,
But though this book is rather technical,
It is also very special,
Because it lacks an ounce of bull,
And is still with humour full.

Bomb disposal his career,
A career most would fear,
Death and strife,
In his life were rife,
And Peter Gurney,
Did much sorrow see,
But as I read,
And on life's details fed,
I laughed so much along the way,
I can only good things say.


(Have to admit I've always been a little sickened by all these celebrities and
the books they write about their lives and the personal demons they have had to
fight. Read this book and you're certain to get the impression that they are
nothing but selfish, self-indulgent nobodies.)

---January, 2010---

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