The Super-Crunch is Coming.

Who the bird can see,
Sitting in the tree?
And who can hear,
That sound so clear?

For with technology today,
Modern people daily play,
Boom, tuck-a-tuck, boom, boom,
Chuck-a-chuck, ka-b-o-o-o-o-m.
These modern beats,
Natureís joy defeats,
But with wally-phones in their ears,
Youth has today no fears,
It is with modern ways in touch,
So tiny birds in trees donít count for much,,
For does from nature not technology,
Set modern people free?


If you donít believe the Super-Crunch is coming you should read 'The Gift of Fear' by Gavin De Becker and then stroll down your local high street and count the wally-phones you see. The signals are all there though if you ask me, many people sense whatís coming and are simply too scared to look.

---December 26, 2009---

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