Thoughts On Climate Change.

The fact that climate change is now a multi-billion dollar industry means that any sceptic can expect rough treatment. Nobody is interested in the thoughts of those who would disrupt this gravy train.
              For example, it is said by some that the mini ice age between 1400 and 1850 was the result of the Black Death. So many died that afterwards, there were simply not enough people burning fires and indulging in other forms of pollution to warm up the planet. Then in 1850, the industrial revolution and great increase in world population poured pollutants into the atmosphere and started to heat the planet up again.
              Consequently don’t say ‘no’ to man made global climate change because the money doesn’t want to hear you. The decision has been made, the money to handle the problem has been created (out of thin air) and nobody wants to have to uncreate it.

---December 6, 2009---

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