The London Curse.

From Charing Cross to Hammersmith the bus,
Really made me cuss,
The nagging cows,
Caused my spirit ow-s-s-s,
And I felt the pain,
As from the bus they thoughts did drain,
For from these voices there's no peace,
They never, ever cease,
As again and again they will you tell,
Things all passengers know well,
So when we at Hammersmith arrived,
Out of the bus I dived,
In my head an ache,
My spirit all aquake,
And on my face a scowl,
As my mood was foul.

Then as I walked down King Street,
Few wanted to me meet,
For I inside was fuming,
A blackness on my reason looming,
I wanted to with someone fight,
To make like a yob,
Smack someone in the gob,
So I to no one was polite.

But this is alas the London curse,
And so it must get worse,
As more technology will more people persecute,
And leave their spirits destitute.

---November 27, 2009---

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