Paper Calf.

Society is today a laugh,
Billions worshipping the paper calf,
And these billions won’t respect,
Anyone who does paper not collect,
As all are expected to aspire,
To more and more acquire.

The masses think that life does bless,
Those who paper do possess,
And so with crowns they all them dress,
And as paper adds attractiveness,
The Papered Ones leave many quite breathless.

But do some wait for Moses with his staff,
To smite the paper calf,
Which causes many to think it neat,
To for paper others cheat,
Or make many feel quite ill,
And at times even others kill? (Iraq?)

But perhaps the calf is here to stay,
To forever lead the way,
And cause untold dismay,
With the promises it does betray,
By causing disarray,
Where once the many thought to play.

Will it darkness bring,
With the song which it does sing?
Will it the sunshine curse,
And to the winds all joy disperse?
Will it the soul from humans wrench,
And in its place leave just a stench?


The previous leader of the Free World put it succinctly when he once said: ‘It’s the Economy, Stupid.’
              With these words he ordered everyone to focus on the economy and bow down before the Paper Calf.
              But also, by using the word ‘stupid’ he warned those who did not wish to worship the Paper Calf that they were out-of-sync with the leaders of the Free World. He didn’t need to say anymore because everybody knows that nobody cares if bad things happen to those who are out-of-sync with their leaders. (They are, after all, dysfunctional.)

---November 20, 2009---

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