New Labour

New Labour politicians,
With their graces and their airs,
Their heads stuck up,
Their you-know-where’s,
Had for gambling a plan,
Which was in fact a scam,
Now daily more and more are going broke,
And this the fires does stoke,
As so many who have nothing left to lose,
May well the way of violence choose,
As they the government will blame,
For legalising games said to be tame,
But which so many dispossess,
Our realm now so full of stress,
Which might at any time erupt,
And great plans disrupt,
For it seems New Labour quite corrupt,
Did many subjects of the Crown bankrupt.


(Of course the above doesn’t count the people with alcohol problems acquired through New Labour’s liberalisation of the drinking laws. In the eyes of many, the government wouldn’t have liberalised these laws unless it was safe to do so. Don’t they talk about banning dangerous cigarettes and improving road safety laws all the time? Why would they introduce laws which actually made it easy for the less wary to damage themselves? Try buying a packet of cigarettes and the government is going to make sure you know every possible danger you face, so why don't they do the same for gambling and drinking?)

---November 13, 2009---

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