Corporate Cons

How The Business Community Is Taking Consumers For A Ride.

Corporate Cons,
How the Business Community
Is Taking Consumers for a ride,
Trouble spells,
As it tells,
Of how every rich man longs,
For continuity,
So they can others sit astride,
And champagne then sip,
While they workers cruelly whip.

Written by John Shaw,
This book tells how the rich at all us gnaw,
And try everything to take,
So they can bigger money make.

But alas it seems to many the solution,
Is only revolution,
In which the corporate rich are put against a wall,
In a toilet stall,
So the lot,
Can be shot,
Because from time to time,
A society with spine,
Must clean its own house,
And itself delouse.


At times the author does get somewhat passionate about what he writes about and this can be off-putting to some. But I found the book to be a most interesting read and thought the chapter on charities was fascinating.
              For example. Charities are always telling us that they need more money but it seems they all have oodles of dosh which they mostly use to pay their executives huge salaries and fabulous bonuses.
              Also, when it comes to charity you have to remember that Jimmy Savile Was Mr. Charity himself - Britian's most charitable person. On television, what didn't he do for the poor and disadvantaged?

---November 12, 2009---

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