Hollywood Interrupted.

Hollywood Interrupted,
Tells of a place corrupted,
A place without sense,
Where the people are all dense,
Andre Bretbart and Mark Ebner,
Neither one a pardoner,
Talk of Hollywood, a psychiatristís bazaar,
As there all completely bonkers are,
Their heads in celluloid,
This to their brains a haemorrhoid,
And so it is their state,
Themselves to greatly rate,
Yet though to themselves the highest of the high,
They must in the ratings daily higher fly,
So with views they daily need,
For popularity to plead.

In Hollywood Scientology naturally succeeds,
Because it the crackpot line exceeds,
And appeals to those with half a brain,
Who can níer a thought retain,
Read this book and see Hollywooders have scrambled eggs for brains,
And are in the rectums pains.

---November 10, 2009---

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