Dealing With The Credit Crunch

The government when dealing with the Credit Crunch,
Needs to tax things a bunch,
So more V.A.T.,
We should therefore see,
On magazines and newspapers,
For though they think themselves our shapers,
They entertainment only are,
Of celebrity and gossip a bazaar,
So the government should not be lax,
And to media magnates take the axe.

V.A.T. should be on books as well,
And government all arguments should quell,
For publisher to readers are unfair,
And charge what it will the market bear,
So V.A.T. upon a book,
Would not expense for a reader cook,
As anyone can deduce,
Profits publishers will must reduce,
And the government would more taxes take,
And this life for all would easier make,

Itís fair newspapers should have on them vat,
As tycoons are far too fat,
And they also prices canít increase,
As that circulation would decrease,
And advertisers would have less to pay,
As thatís the media way,
So if books and newspapers had V.A.T. the same,
It would help the greedy tame,
So I call on writers to unite,
And the underpayers bite.

---November 6, 2009---

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