The EU Now Has No Moral Legitimacy.

The EU, in fact, does not have the moral right to rule over free born Britons.
              The election of New Labour at the last election was conditional on the promise that we would have a referendum on the EU Constitution/Treaty. The people would be allowed to have their say.
              However, with some fancy footwork New Labour broke its promise to the voters. As a result of the election pledge it did not have the moral right to sign the Treaty of Lisbon without a referendum.
              The result of this is that now, the police, the judges and the prison guards have the legal right to force everyone here to obey laws which are, in essence, simply extensions of EU legislation, but they donít have the moral right to do so.
              A policeman nowadays is nothing but an EU alsation whose well paid job is to ensure that we all obey the dictates handed down from Brussels.
              What is morally right and what is morally wrong?
              If the ex-government of this country was unable to differentiate, one can rest assured that the new government with its Berlusconi types certainly doesnít.
              If our local legislators in Westminster and the government in Brussels donít know what is morally right or wrong, why should the people be expected to know?
              There is no right or wrong any more. In modern society there is only EU legislation and the policemanís ability to enforce the decisions of his masters in Brussels.

---November 4, 2009---

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