Do you believe in The Bible?

Do you believe in Revelations and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse?

Read this book and youíll find it impossible not to believe that there is real truth in the ancient predictions of world terror and death.

Everyone thinks that a bioweapon will simply result in the deaths of millions of people but what they donít realise is that those millions will die slow, lingering and excruciatingly painful deaths.

Reading like an exciting novel this autobiography was almost impossible to put down. Some paragraphs do contain a few long, medical words but despite this it is very accessible to anyone of reasonable intelligence.

However, this is a book about the ultimate terror and on the grounds that ignorance is bliss, I really donít recommend that you read it unless you have a specific interest in bioweaponry.

(The deadly nature of the new super bugs and viruses developed in Russia mean that it is possible for a single bio attack to kill a billion or more people. The reason for this is that no one will know a bio attack has taken place until one or two weeks after the attack. Consequently, in our high-speed inter-related world, by the time anyone realises an attack has taken place, those in the attack zone will have travelled the world, jostled their way through crowds, shaken hands with friends and business associates and also hugged and kissed their loved ones. Of course that number doesn't include those who went to the cinema, crowded round roulette tables or attended political rallies.)

---October 27, 2009---

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