Derren Brown

Derren Brown and the magic lottery numbers.

Nobody saw Derren Brown's lottery selection until after everyone had seen the genuine lottery results - the rest, as they say, is magic. It's similar to the many magicians who have correctly predicted the winner of the Grand National.

It's a new slant on an old trick but much as I enjoy Derren Brown's shows, I was a little disappointed in his explanation. I think he should have just remained enigmatic.

Personally I've often thought of using Bayes' Subjective Theory of Probability for picking horses, roulette numbers and/or the winning lottery numbers, but although it can find atom bombs lost in the ocean and sunken submarines such as the USS Scorpion, I don't think it can be used to pick the lottery numbers.


Note: As best as I can tell, although he didn't actually mention any names, Derren Brown claims to have used Thomas Bayes' theory of subjective probability to pick his numbers. But, no one knew Derren Brown's selection until after the geniune lottery numbers had become common knowledge and therein lies the flaw - or the magic.

---September 12, 2009---

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