Wars for religion,
Have in the past been legion,
And have brought many grief,
Because society is built upon belief.

Historically, as any group did upwards reach,
They their belief did children teach,
And so the group took on a form,
Which did to belief conform.

Then different groups did their beliefs dispute,
And arguments left all destitute,
But as belief gave each group its shape,
Who could the arguments escape?

But over time groups did expand,
As people more did understand,
And through adversities,
Groups became societies,

But now our society believes that paper money,
Should to everyone be honey,
So bits of paper now abound,
Will the future you astound?

For what does paper really mean?
This few today to see are keen.
But as in paper most believe,
They over paper many grieve.

But paper has a flow,
And now that winds begin to blow,
Who does know,
To where from here we’ll go?

---September 10, 2009---

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