How To Chat Up Attractive Women.

Of your time,
If you're feeling fine,
Iíd like minutes ten,
For if you would of lifeís riches sup,
And would a pretty girl pick up,
You need a clever trick,
But only the best should pick.

So using your brain,
You and a friend should board a train,
And next to pretty girls sit beside,
Not just to enjoy the ride,
As you your paper must take out,
No need the girls for you to doubt,
Then go to the crossword page,
Though act not as a sage,
As with a voice the girls can hear,
With your friend discuss with cheer,
The clues which you puzzle,
And as you go along,
Singing this seduction song,
You the girls might task,
And them for suggestions nicely ask,
But youíll likely find the girls themselves canít muzzle,
And perhaps with an excited yelp,
From time to time will try to help,
And then, if you canít move on from there,
You donít deserve a lady fair.

---August 13, 2009---

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