Google Kicking

Power to the people.

Bonuses for bankers are a shame,
Causing people loads of pain,
But did you know,
You can to Google go,
And there you the banks can bash,
And cost them lots of cash?

For there banks have sponsored links,
Which means you can them jinx,
For if on these links you click,
You these banks can kick,
Because as they did the link display,
They for your click must pay.

So through Google, clicking to their site,
Means you banks can blight,
And then to vent your rage,
You back to Google can the page,
So you that bank again can curse.

For when you click and click and click,
You that bank can kick and kick and kick,
Because that bank,
In its soul so dark and dank,
For your every click must pay,
And that can ease your day.

---August 11, 2009---

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