To Fear Or Not To Fear

To fear or not to fear? That is the question.

Have just read ‘Red Mafiya, How the Rusian Mob has invaded America’ by Robert I. Friedman and must say I’m wondering if a degree of fear regarding the future isn’t called for.

Will the Russians rule the word? And I don’t mean the Russian military and politicians, I mean Russian criminals.

For example Sir Halford Mackinder was the British scholar who in 1904 established geography as an academic discipline. He believed that Eurasia was the earth's world-island and its centre, Western Russia, was the world-island's heartland. Everywhere else, including the western hemisphere, was geographically peripheral and so whoever controlled the heartland, or Russia, Mackinder postulated, controlled the world-island or Eurasia and whoever controlled the Eurasia controlled the world. It seems the Nazis had read Mackinder and taken him seriously. (Extract from ‘By Any Means Necessary’ by William Burrows)

---August 5, 2009---

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