British Torture Chambers.

If our government a terrorist would torture,
They can be sure,
There’s no need to hit them with a stick,
Or them with red hot pokers stick,
Just from Afghanistan or Iraq,
To London bring them back,
And then put them on a train,
Where they for sure will suffer pain,
As voices will them persecute,
Till in their souls they’re destitute,
And so to escape their hell,
They the government anything will tell.

But if the government is for information anxious,
Security can make them ride a London bus,
For as bus voices are much worse than trains,
There would for security be gains.

But should MI6 be in a rush,
To turn the terrorist’s mind to mush,
They can make the criminal feel cursed,
By bringing out the worst,
And putting the them on the Croydon Tram Link,
Where they of misery will drink,
And soon they’ll be putty in a hand,
And give in to our government’s demand.

---May 15, 2009---

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