Swine Flu?
Bird Flu?
Take Your Vitamins.

Illnesses of mass destruction,
In this short instruction,
On destruction bent,
Are from somewhere sent,
Perhaps because Nature's Freudian ploy,
Is to humanity destroy.

For example, Spanish Influenza,
To historians a bonanza,
Almost all the world made ill,
And did almost 20 million kill.
But this flu which the world did decimate,
From Kansas did originate.

So does the name Spanish Flu,
Truth devalue,
And if it would a name be true,
Would Kansas flu,
Give truth a clue,
And names value?

For alas,
Camp Futon in Kansas,
1918, the Fourth of March,
Kansas flu did a private parch,
And then on the Eleventh in Fort Riley,
It forced a private to his doctor see.

By lunch with 200 in sick bay,
Doctors knew not what to say,
And by the week's end 500 ill,
Not counting 48 the flu did kill.
Then for war, a million Americans the Atlantic crossed,
And so into Europe the Kansas plague was tossed.

Then on August Twenty Second in the town of Brest,
Kansas flu began to health contest.
And from there around the world it spread,
Leaving millions dead.
British, French, Asians and Australians,
Soldiers and civilians.

Then in 1920 without a trace,
Kansas flu concealed its face,
The virus from a Kansas farm,
Which did so many harm,
Did completely disappear leaving all to fear,
The year it might reappear.


This information came from 'Super Bugs' by Pete Moore BSc. PhD. It's the only detailed and coherent account of the epidemic I've found.

---April 26, 2009---

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