Blair Olympiad.

The Olympics,
Or the blair Olympiad.

Will surely be anaemic,
And those who are to New Labour apostolic,
Will be apologetic,
For tony with his mouth bionic,
And his manner charismatic,
Felt it would be comic,
If London got New Labour's tonic.

But with rising costs dramatic,
Going on to something cosmic,
They will taxes be demonic,
And collectors quite despotic.

Yet though the words will be dogmatic,
And promises ecstatic,
Discontent will be endemic,
As with a will not energetic,
Of negativity an epidemic,

So the way will be erratic,
And organisers will be frantic,
For the downward trend quite hypersonic,
Means New Labour's flop will be gigantic.

---March 31, 2009---

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