The Sorry Scam.

Into decency the Sorry Scam,
A coffin nail does ram,
For when it's 'sorry' said,
Sayers think the problem dead,
And that the word is to all a sign,
They should under problems draw a line,
For did the word not prove,
It's time for all to forward move?

Everyone wrongdoing should forget,
And about the wrongs not fret,
For where is the sense,
In looking for of remorse some evidence?
And as well the problem now behind,
Should not wrongdoers bind,
Who become free to take their ease,
And do whatsoever does them please.

There is after all no sense,
In remorseful recompense,
The word itself should be enough,
Especially if it comes with fluff,
And so today we know that those who dare,
Get away with pure hot air,
By serving up a word with cream,
Which does absolutely nothing mean.

---February 27, 2009---

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