The Sorry Scam.

In today’s world, simply saying ‘sorry’ is a great way of escaping from difficult situations. All a person has to do is use their vocal cords to emit the sound of ‘sorry’ and then demand that because they have apologised it was time for everyone to draw a line under the matter and move on.

However, in the old days, when somebody said they were sorry, they were expected to demonstrate their feelings of remorse in some tangible way and in my opinion, the Japanese did it best by committing hari-kari as a way of proving their feelings of remorse.

In consequence, if the bankers really mean they are sorry, shouldn’t they demonstrate their remorse in some tangible way? As it stands at the moment it seems that having said 'sorry,' these people think that they are now free to go and enjoy the benefits of all the money they have been paid. They’ve said the magic words and so now the matter is closed.

It’s up to the people now. Will the people of this country allow themselves to be bamboozled by the magic words or will they demand some kind of tangible proof that the words carried meaning and were not just hot air?

---February 26, 2009---

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