Singing And Dancing In The Crunch

Banks today are going down,
Going down,
And me the world can see,
Prancing like a youthful chimpanzee.

As my head I shake,
And my chest I thump,
I loud noises make,
As up and down and round about I jump.

Silverbacks got their comeuppance,
So perhaps the world has sense,
And now as through the trees I swing,
My song of joy I sing.


British banks have been institutionally dishonest for a long time now and Iím not the only one to have lost substantially because a good quality savings account which paid a fair rate of interest was secretly downgraded to a rubbish account which paid virtually no interest at all. Let them rot.

Captain Mannering (Mainwaring) would never have worked in a modern British bank.

---February 12, 2009---

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