Ah, my love so shy,
Ready just to fly,
Can't my beauty understand,
My heart on love does stand,
And that without you,
I'd know not what to do.

So I beg you smile,
As it me does so beguile,
And as well give ear,
To what my heart holds dear,
And with my feelings please don't play,
As my heart must have its say.

Your hair,
So fair,
And silky fine,
It does the moon outshine,
And when the wind blows,
It like a river flows.

And though I fear your eyes of blue,
Will me bid adieu,
If I my case don't make,
Without mistake,
And you persuade,
You should me not evade.

When you smile,
I see no guile,
Just a princess,
Who God did bless,
With a grace,
Which does the world embrace.

So though right now I dread,
You'll shake your head,
I beg you say you will be mine,
With words I can enshrine,
Just say yes,
And please let the future me caress.

---January 16, 2009---

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