Who Is To Blame?

Our Society,
Is completely Donald Ducked you see,
And it is the future's curse,
To just get worse and worse,
But would it be insane,
To say Americans are to blame?
For they did many wrongly teach,
How to upwards reach.

They said confidence,
In our world made sense,
As those who did confidence exude,
Could others all delude,
And as well their failings hide,
As they through the world did stride.
Therefore every inner doubt,
Confidence should rout,
As only confidence,
Would lead to affluence.

So millions began to their own praises sing,
And their way through problems wing,
And to the fact the job they couldn't do,
Confidence ensured that no one knew,
And by being confident,
Few their facade could dent.

But as troubles underneath did accumulate,
These people still themselves did rate,
And to those who grumbled,
Saying self-exalters would be humbled,
They turned a deaf ear,
And refused the truth to hear.

So our world by fools gradually was ruled,
And problems all were pooled,
But this confidence did conceal,
So no one did the problems heal,
And now it's pay-back time,
For a world so asinine,
But what did the world expect,
When it did not try to truth detect?

---November 29, 2008---

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