Boy Meets Girl.

The lonely young man might say:

You are the girl I love to sight,
As in your eyes there is a light,
Your step is light,
Your smile is bright,
And though it is (is not) your figure slight,
The proportions all are right,
So you'd to my heart give flight,
If you'd dine with me tonight.

But she might reply:

Although I like your verse,
I wonder Ďbout your purse,
For when I dine,
I like morsels fine,
So if you would a meal suggest,
I would expect to eat the best.

You, so like a dove,
t'would be easy to you love,
So though it is my wallet light,
Iíd like to treat you right,
And here I have a credit card,
Which caution does discard,
So tell me where youíd like to go,
And I'll make your taste buds glow.

Your answer does me horrify,
And makes me want to cry,
The restaurant scene you do not know,
So you do not know where we should go,
And so it seems,
You're not the man in my dreams,
A man with flair,
Who would about me care.

Just a moment please,
Iíd like your fears to ease,
Restaurants arenít my thing,
And I donít their praises sing,
For when with a girl I out go,
I want her to get to know,
And if she on food does concentrate,
This division does accelerate,
For as thereís little time to talk,
We can through each otherís hearts not walk,
And so the course which is soundest,
Is to eat at somewhere modest,
As then we can our feelings air,
In a way which to us both is fair.

I see what you mean,
And to follow you am keen,
For we both should dare,
To our inner feelings air,
And should therefore choose,
A place which wonít our truths abuse,
So where would you suggest,
The place for this is best?

To have a steak,
Means we must a journey take,
But to have Japanese,
Or Chinese,
Might our thoughts confuse,
And our aims abuse,
But somewhere popular,
Might to us be nodular.

As a word nodular to me is new,
But I donít wish to on it chew,
So I suppose I must,
In you trust,
For I agree,
Your ideas have pedigree,
So weíll go somewhere we can talk,
And with our lives network,
But where do you suggest,
Would for us be best?

Letís not care about the price,
And think of somewhere nice,
Where we can converse,
On matters quite diverse,
Where weíll be left alone,
So we in private can ourselves enthrone,
What do you think?
From this course, would you shrink?

I your sense can see,
So I with you agree,
So just tell me the street,
Where tonight weíll meet.

I think it would be neat to meet,
On the High Street,
By the bus stop
Which is from Mcdonalds just a hop,
And in there Iíll you buy a meal,
Which ads are calling quite a deal,
And there at a table quite private,
We can our future rate.

That's a bombshell,
But I agree,
To tonight you see,
For as no one else has asked me out,
I dare my luck not flout.

---November 11, 2008---

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