Two For One.

No one cried,
When the old man died,
And so in death he fell,
Deep into Hell.

But before he could the place explore,
A decrepit old friend he saw,
And the odour let him know,
His friend still had B. O.
But a gorgeous girl upon his lap,
Him gently in her arms did wrap,
And this girl adorable,
His ear seductively did nibble.

The man he cried: "What do I see?
This Hell just cannot be,
This beauty so docile,
And on your face that smile,
Says it is your pleasure great,
Though Hell are all supposed to hate."

The old man he said: "Friend.
You me your ear should lend,
For though I through life did lurch,
I every Sunday went to Church,
And before I went to bed,
Every night my prayers I said,
So when I died,
God did me not deride,
And being benevolent,
He me to Heaven sent.

But this young lass,
Was a naughty girl,
Who gave Sin a whirl,
So she to Hell was sent,
No chance of argument,
And now her activity,
For eternity,
Is me to hourly please,
Or Pain her sensitives will tease."

---August 31, 2008---

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