The Fifth Dimension.

Is money the fifth dimension?

There is length, breadth and height.

The Fourth Dimension must be time because it will take time to even think the thought of length, breadth and height. In fact, everything in life takes time.

But the Fifth dimension must surely be money.

How much does it cost?

For example, if you draw a simple diagram on a piece of paper someone can work out the cost of the lead in your pencil (the amount used) and also the cost of the scrap of paper you used to draw that particular diagram. If you just think the diagram, someone somewhere will probably be able to work out the cost of the food which gave you the necessary energy to think the thought!!!!

To get a greater understanding of money as a dimension you might read 'The Nature of Money' by Geoffrey Ingham. It's an interesting book.

---August 9, 2008---

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