Thank God For The Irish.

Honesty did on Ireland bank,
So Europe should the Irish thank,
Because with a profusion,
Of confusion,
Brussels' folk could swan around,
And grind people in the ground.

For did the treaty something say?
Or did it just with people play?
Anyone who could not the clauses understand,
Would know not where they stand,
So rulers all could take their ease,
And interpret clauses as they please.

Then should them anyone dispute,
Or try to their words refute,
Could they afford the legal fees?
Would lawyers them with charges tease?
Every single sentence with a cost,
Would ensure the cause was lost.

So why this treaty did the rich desire,
And try a "YES" vote to acquire?
Was it so they then could bellow,
At anyone below?
For when they, the rich, were feeling mean,
None would know what various clauses mean.

This treaty meant the rich the poor could tease,
And do what'er they please.
They could it lord,
O'er those who could not legal fees afford,
And so the confusion,
Would demand of many an exclusion.

In Europe's history such a crime,
Shows Brussels steeped in grime,
So surely it is time,
To end this pantomime,
And tell the Brussels' swine,
We, the people, are not asinine.

The Treaty Song:

These words are made for walking,
And that's just what they'll do,
One of these days,
These words are going to,
Walk all over you.


(In June 2008 we thought the Irish terrific.
But in October 2009 we changed our minds.)

---June 29, 2008---

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