There's a story you should know,
As some time ago,
A farmer thought he did on troubles feast,
So went to see a priest,
Then did bitterly complain,
Of all which caused him pain.
But though he in his heart was wild,
The priest, his manner mild,
Did the farmer tell,
How to make things well,
As it would him behove,
If he into his home would move,
Chickens, pigs, dogs, cows and sheep,
And also with them in the kitchen sleep.

The farmer was amazed,
And at the vicar gazed,
But dared not his words dispute,
Nor try to them refute,
So to his home he went,
On his errand bent,
And there his animals he sought,
And into his home them brought,
And though they did his wife and children scream,
Saying this was all unclean,
He dared the priest not disobey,
And did all that he did say.

The following week,
Feeling in his soul quite weak,
He went again the priest to see,
His bent with him to disagree,
As now from everywhere did bubble,
Lots and lots of trouble,
And his home submerged in dirt,
Everyone did hurt,
Him on top of which his wife did daily fight,
Within her eyes the dark of night.

But it proved,
The priest was by words unmoved,
And said the second stage,
Would dispel her rage,
As he out all animals must move,
And his humility then prove,
By his house completely cleaning,
Until everything was gleaming.

So home he did the farmer go,
To his instructions follow,
And after out the animals he threw,
He took of the mess an overview,
And began to clean,
Until everything did gleam,
Then he the floors did even polish,
So he could the past demolish.

Eventually, when feeling of the dirt quite free, (Dragonfly?)
He went once more the priest to see,
Confessing to delight,
In his wife at night,
On top of which his children all the time did smile,
And were as well in work virile,
So he had dressed this day quite snappy,
Because he as a man was happy.

But he suddenly did sense,
The priest was keeping his silence,
But when he did of the priest enquire,
Of his desire,
The priest quietly replied,
"A little while ago you cried,
And said it was the world unfair,
As it did you in trouble snare,
Though you are today carefree.
So why you then me came to see,
I really do not know,
Perhaps I'm just a little slow."

---June 17, 2008---

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