Scrodinger's Cat.

Someone to confusion disentangle,
Schrodinger's cat should strangle,
For doesn't science whine,
By saying at the same time,
The cat's both alive and dead,
In its box inside the shed?

Scientists think themselves sublime,
So say that all the time,
They an answer do possess,
So none dare say brainless.

But it to all is clear,
Time is linear,
So when you the problem take to task,
And the question ask,
Is it the cat alive or dead?
You must to truth be wed.

"I at this time don't know."
Is the way to go,
For if truth would thrive,
It must be either dead or alive,
As there's no time machine,
Which boring facts can come between.

We don't know, we don't know,
To the song there is a flow,
And time being like an arrow,
We sense can't disallow,
Though not wanting to seem hollow,
Scientists invent an undertow.

---May 10, 2008---

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