Lie Detectors.

The government, of truth conductors,
To the DSS gave lie-detectors,
As they can cause disruption,
To whose who’d gain money by deception,
For cheats they must be stopped,
And by their lies be chopped.

But there should be no exception,
So obtaining votes by deception,
Is every bit as bad,
So they should lies expose the cad,
Then voters can in confidence,
Vote upon the evidence.

So to journalists the government should give,
Lie detectors; investigative,
So all will write the best,
When they politicians test,
As then none will tell a lie,
If they in the polls don’t want to die.

There should as well be no exclusion,
With ministers on television,
And on the screen a big red dot,
Would eliminate the rot,
As when the computer did a lie suspect,
The flashing dot would have effect.

For if someone does a vote desire,
A lie test voters should require,
On everything the hopefuls say,
When down their plans they lay,
As then all voters can be sure,
Westminster hearts are pure.

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---May 8, 2008---

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