History through time together fits,
Many opposites.
Robin Hood from the rich did steal,
So he to the poor could give,
And they better lives could live.
In consequence, for him the bells did peal.

But Gordon Brown,
With his lofty frown,
From the poor does steal,
So he to the rich can give,
Hoping they will be supportive,
And him back with zeal.

He therefore in the teeth the poor does kick,
And this bully many think a pr...
As those too small to themselves defend,
He happily to hell will send,
And should they dare complain,
He will cause them pain.

For to Parliament CCTV is sweet,
A police patrol on every street,
Ever ready to complaints record.
In the Bullion Bungler's heartless hand a sword,
Which ensures the poor obey,
Whatever he might say.

---April 8, 2008---

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