To many it's a sweetie,
The new E. U. treaty,
As there's a profusion,
Of confusion,
And no one understands,
Where one really stands.

Unpleasants say it is a joy,
And it does their spirits buoy,
As nasties will come out to play,
Even in the light of day,
And they will on selfish things embark,
As the treaty many things makes dark.

Then on the people they will feed,
For is that not Satan's creed?
Little folk they'll push about,
As none will know which law they flout,
And only those with legal armies strong,
Will dictate what's right or wrong.

Evil it has dared,
So we must be prepared,
To a future face,
Which will humanness disgrace,
Though it's also true that we were indolent,
Because we thought our world benevolent.

But if we are to thrive,
And keep decency alive,
Who does know,
Which way to go?
Evil now does us embrace,
But will not show its face.

---March 9, 2008---

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