Sell Out.

The new EU treaty,
Is for politicians meaty,
As more than just a few,
Know they'll have less to do.
And they'll be able to eat cake,
While Brussels does decisions make.

Life 'Oh, so easy and relaxed',
Their minds will no more be taxed,
But still they'll say,
They deserve high pay,
So Westminster - the House of Lazy Slobs,
Will dish out some easy jobs.

Jobs on matters petty,
Over which they'll be quite fretty,
And loudly shout and scream,
So they can caring seem.
Then they'll huff and puff,
Saying a little thing's not good enough.

They'll have also a sound bite,
Which on TV sounds right,
One which perhaps they've bought,
As they'll have no time for thought,
While riding on the gravy train,
And letting Brussels take the strain.

(Am I just a voice crying in the wilderness?)


---March 6, 2008---

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