Silver Lining.

Though I the veggie box despise,
And will it often criticize,
It's life's hallmark,
That even clouds extremely dark,
A silver lining do possess,
Which can distress make less.

So 'The Power of the Planet',
Is to agile minds a clarinet,
Presented Doctor Ian Stewart by,
Causes hungry minds to sigh,
For this program has not only breadth,
It has also lots of depth.

The exception proves the rule,
The veggie box could be a tool,
But most don't like their minds to exercise,
As ease exercise does brutalize,
So they'd rather just not know,
As they then the easy way can go.

In consequence, the veggie box is mostly dumb,
And pleases minds quite numb,
Which think the attraction,
Is inaction,
Where indulgence is the key,
To a life with pedigree.

But if you would not your home dismiss,
You this series should not miss,
As you a lot will learn,
And be more able to discern,
What is truth and what is hype,
And as well the speaker's type.

---December 23, 2007---

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