A Life Inside.

Do you think we criminals should rubbish,
And them as well severely punish?

If you read 'A Life Inside',
You will in humanness take pride,
For though some in prison just survive,
Others o'er the years will thrive.

Some youngsters are alone,
Trying to cope with youth and testosterone,
And there is for them confusion,
In profusion,
So they in crime outdo,
More than just a few.

But in prison they mature,
And gradually their past abjure,
Then as they get life to know,
They into great oaks grow,
And those who can perceive,
Will wisdom from these oaks receive.

In this book Erwin James,
Not a single con defames,
Except Jeffrey Archer,
The man who is for Wealth a gofer.

This book just so worthwhile,
Is worth an extra mile.

---December 16, 2007---

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